Triangle StrategyInnovate and advance new customer value

96% of Agribusiness leaders have concerns about their value proposition and strategy successfully leading their people to achieve company goals. Not dealing with this execution gap is the largest single reason why leaders and their Agribusinesses fail to achieve their goals.

At GBB we’ll help you and your team build a framework to translate your strategic goals into a coherent strategy, with a set of objectives and performance measures that will enable your people to create and execute tactics and actions to exceed your business goals.

How we work with you
GBB’s approach to strategy development is very balanced, clear, and simple – which enables team members from all levels of your organization to be involved and buy-in. This results in a strategy that anyone in the business can understand, and help drive, to achieve the vision.

  1. Evaluate the present value proposition and key competitors from the customer’s perspective
  2. Consider current and future business environment so your value proposition and goals are believable and achievable
  3. Eliminate, reduce, increase, and create new customer value elements to build a new value proposition
  4. Expose the elephant in the room – name it, facilitate solutions, act to remove it
  5. Evaluate current competencies, resources, and scope of business to craft a doable value proposition and goals
  6. Develop clear trajectory of one to five year goals toward vision achievement, to challenge and inspire your people
  7. Build a one page Strategic Road Map with measurable objectives from four perspectives; Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Know-How
  8. Debate to build a clarion strategy statement to lead the charge on your Strategic Road Map
  9. Develop measures for each strategic perspective
  10. Create tactics and actions to move those measures in the right direction to accomplish the objectives