Why are Vision and Strategy more important than ever to grow your Agribusiness?

  1. The markets are moving faster than ever
  2. It’s harder to get good people let alone great people
  3. Margins are shrinking
  4. Products are almost totally commoditized
  5. Return on capital employed is decreasing
  6. EBIT is shrinking
  7. Competitors are using their margin volume to compete

The keys to growing your agribusiness are…

  1. Define what you do, not what you sell
  2. Change your capabilities to redefine what you do, to create new value for your customers
  3. Combine diversity, technology, and culture to create solutions, efficiencies and new business models
  4. Build connectivity to act on customer opportunities, and create competitive barriers
  5. Invest in technologies that your customer’s customers need and want
  6. Keep only products or services that your capabilities system can create value with
  7. Build new customer support based on your capabilities system
  8. Build internal clarity and commitment to the vision and strategy
  9. Enable freedom to engage the vision and strategy, and act on it
  10. Do what you do, better, to drive more net income

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