Why are Vision and Strategy more important than ever to grow your agribusiness?

  1. Markets are moving faster than ever
  2. It’s harder to get and keep good people, let alone great people
  3. Margins are shrinking
  4. Commoditization is leveling product parity
  5. Cost of capital is increasing, return on capital  is eroding
  6. EBIT is shrinking
  7. Competitors are using price and volume to compete

The keys to growing your agribusiness are…

  1. Define what you do, not what you sell
  2. Change your capabilities to redefine what you do in order to create new customer value
  3. Leverage your core values and core purpose (mission) to create solutions and new customer value
  4. Build connectivity to act on emerging customer opportunities, and create new customer value
  5. Invest in technologies that create benefits your customer’s customer needs and wants
  6. Build internal clarity and commitment to your vision and strategy
  7. Do what you do best, better, to fund new strategic opportunities

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