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A Sales Intelligence System to democratize data and enable growth

GBB has combined strategic Agribusiness thinking with technology expertise to create a Sales Intelligence System that enables sales, management, and customer service people the ability to access their customer and business data to support and drive their strategy and sales effort.

Why subscribe to the Sales Intelligence System?

  1. Democratizes customer and business data for everyone in your business to see, plan, and act on
  2. Enables customer solutioneering and planning
  3. Draws sales rep focus to who, what and when to exceed their goal
  4. Improves account management for increased customer satisfaction
  5. Provides you and your team sales intelligence to ask better questions
  6. Fast and easy sales analysis to spot opportunities to drive profitable sales growth
  7. Enables sales people and growers to build and execute grain marketing plans
  8. Builds your grain origination and merchandizing business
  9. Integrates customer grain and crop input discussion to grow profitability for the grower
  10. Enables SKU specific forecasting top down, and customer specific sales planning bottom up
  11. Provides instant view of progress vs plan, actual vs forecast which means more accountability
  12. Fast, easy to use, anywhere I get cellular or wifi

SIS screenshot

How we work with you
We work with you every step of the way, from initial set up of your data, to training your people on the system, to helping you with the ease of generating sales growth opportunities for your team. We’ve developed this as a subscription based system so there’s no software writing cost for you, simply a one-time set up fee and an annual subscription per user. This means your total cost is substantially lower than acquiring CRM software or writing additional programing for your enterprise system.