On average, 51% of employees in Agribusiness don’t understand what they need to do to achieve the company’s goals.

Make sure you and your people are the other 49%.

  1. Debate to build a strategy that is clear actionable – work to gain buy-in
  2. Construct cross functional teams to be responsible, and accountable
  3. Expose the elephant in the room – the truth frees people to unlock potential
  4. Identify, align and strengthen your capabilities – your key processes, systems, and skills
  5. Establish and discuss the most important objectives to accomplish your strategic goal
  6. Build measurable objectives across these four perspectives – Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Know-How
  7. Create tactics and actions that move your measures – eradicate all others
  8. Look forward not back, to execute new behaviours that exceed customers unmet needs

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